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Claudine Morrow has long been recognized for her portraits of the American Indian and is referred to by the Navajos as "Asdza Nasilid Nakaha," the "Woman Who Carries The Rainbow." She has been painting the peope of Northern Arizona since 1957, and moved to Page in 1975 where she now resides.
Claudine studied the pallet, craftmanship, and technique with Hungarian Oden Hullenkramer in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and with C.R. Reed in Fresno, California. Remarkably expressive eyes are a hallmark of a Morrow portrait.
In 1975 Claudine became the first American woman to have paintings purchased by the Whitney Museum of Western Art in Cody, Wyoming. The Santa Fe Railroad Collection of Southwestern art acquired two of her paintings and twice used reproductions of her paintings on its famed Santa Fe calendar. She is a member of the American Portrait Society. Her paintings hang in private collections in Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Columbia and throughout the United States. She is also represented in the prestigious Santa Fe Railway Collection in Chicago.

"It is not my intention to romantecize the Native American nor to mourn his change, but to create studies of American Indians which capture personalities as well as tradition."
Claudine Morrow

Decline Secody

Hastin Acothley

The Weaver


West Canyon   -   Lake Powell

Navajo Madonna

Increasingly, people are recognizing that the only lasting image is one created in oil. Spanning hundreds of years, an oil portrait will mark your place in time. Now available for commission work, Claudine Morrow can create for your posterity a living image of you and your loved ones or she can honor your comapny's special executive with an enduring likeness. Through her ability to see and replicate that distinguishing quality unique to each person, she truly can record one's place in time.
If you would be interested in purchasing one of Claudine's timeless treasures of American Indian art, spectacular scenes of Lake Powell, or a personal portrait, please contact Judy Edwards at 928-353-2241.