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Lake Powell Residential Real Estate | Lake Powell View Estates

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Lake Powell View Estates

Surrounded by one of the most majestic places on earth, Lake Powell View Estates is a place like no other. Every one of our premium lots is set against the backdrop of Lake Powell's breathtaking views.

A Unique Place on The Earth

Lake Powell View Estates at Greenehaven is a real estate development like no other.

Our property line is literally a mile from the lake's edge. You just can't find Lake Powell real estate this close to the Lake anywhere. It doesn't exist.


You see, the vast majority of land around Lake Powell is government owned. It's federally designated recreational and wilderness area. For this reason, it will never be commercialized.

So buying property at Lake Powell View Estates is like living next to a national park!

An Outdoor Sporting Paradise

If you're reading this, you're probably already a boating and outdoor recreational fan. If so, you'll be happy to know that Wahweap Marina is only a quick 5 mile drive from us.

If you've got boating covered, don't forget sea kayaking, water skiing, hiking, mountain biking, Jeep tours....did we miss anything!?

Page Arizona is Right Down the Road

Lake Powell View Estates is located just 8 miles from all the modern amenities of Page, Arizona. It's nice to know you can live in peace under the stars, but when you need a touch of modern life, it's never too far away.

Lake Powell View Estates Neighborhoods

Premium lots have now become available in six different Lake Powell View Estates neighborhoods.

  • Alcove Canyon:Ideal setting for single-family homes; Quarter-acre to half-acre lots available. Prices starting at $148,000
  • San Juan Canyon:Features half acre lots for single-family homes and a lifetime of picture perfect views. Prices start at $168,000
  • The View Estates:Only one lot remaining!
  • Nizhoni Village:Quarter acre lots ideal for single-family homes. Pricing starts at $115,000
  • Sunrise Estates:Two lot sizes for 1,800 Sq Ft and 2,600 Sq Ft Home respectively. Prices start at $161,000
  • Arroyo Estates:Large 1/2 and 3/4 acre lots. 2,800 sq ft homes minimum. Prices start at $300,000
Lake Powell View Estates master plan

Visit Lake Powell View Estates

If you're in the Lake Powell area, we'd love to show you around! We're 8 miles north of Page, Arizona right off of Highway 89. Look for our Own a Million Dollar View billboard.

Call (800)867-8148

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